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About Kitchen Rave


KitchenRave is a global online destination for Home and Kitchen forward, free-thinking parents, moms, dads Professional Chefs and more!

In 2014, founder and Chef Matt started an eBay and Amazon store selling a highly reviewed selection of the best most advanced ducts in the world.  The shop has grown to become an international food and kitchen source offering both new and amazing, Kitchen accessories, culinary tools and tech savvy kitchen supplies.

We look for only the best products that are recommended for your Kitchen...

The name KitchenRave was inspired by Grandmother who would always "Rave" about her new improved Kitchen gifts and supplies.  Grandma was known for her amazing recipes, food preparation which brought years of warm family memories and happiness.  Food is the key to soul and preparing a dinner, lunch or breakfast for friends or family is fun if you have the right tools in the kitchen.




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